Tracy and Alexia

Tracy and Alexia have been Virtual Assistants for many years and realised the benefits of meeting regularly to discuss their business and assist one another with the various challenges that they were sometimes faced with.

The Kent VA Exchange has been around for a number of years with annual meetings across the county.  We felt the time was right to make the Exchange formal and create a regular place for Kent VA’s to meet and exchange ideas.

“Exchanging ideas and linking with each other for mutual success.”

Alexia Padgham, Your VA

Having spent 18 years in the corporate world working as a PA at Board Director level within a FTSE 100/250, Alexia took the opportunity of redundancy to create her own Virtual Assistant business in May 2006.  The success of her business took off extremely quickly, and within the first year she had won the 2007 National VA of the Year Award.  Alexia has also featured in a number of articles, undertaken speaking engagements and contributed to books written about the VA industry.

Mainly supporting Non-Executive Directors and Chairmen, Consultants, and business coaching companies, Alexia provides them with a PA and administrative service.  Working with each client individually, she helps them identify particular tasks that take up their valuable time, and then carries out those tasks for them, thus enabling them to focus entirely on their specific areas of expertise.

Currently Alexia works with 16 regular clients, and has a variety of associates who provide additional expertise, as well as support during well-earned holidays (which she firmly believes is important aspect of life, regardless of being self-employed!).

Alexia lives in the village of Sellindge, 4 miles outside of Ashford, with her husband, their 17 year old daughter and an extremely cute Cavalier King Charles called Pip.  When not in the office, she can be found walking the fields around the village, and socialising with friends and family.

Tracy Hodgson  – Virtually Organised

After many years working for large corporations in London as an Office Manager and a series of redundancies, Tracy started Virtually Organised in January 2002.

She had never thought about running her own business, but after reading an article about working as a Virtual Assistant and signing up to the VA Mastery course, which was run by Ginny Bailey at that time, she built a website and then wondered how on earth she found clients to get a business!

Perseverance was her watchword, as VA’s were little known about as it was still a relatively new way of working, so potential clients had to be entrepreneurial and forward thinking to see the advantages of using a virtual service and networking and referrals were the key to her success.

Now working with a variety of clients, she is a key part of their business.

“Being a Virtual Assistant is certainly the best decision I ever made and the longest job I’ve ever had!”

When not at her desk, she can be found gardening at her Faversham home or watching a good wildlife documentary, especially if it features bears – and getting inspiration for the next adventurous holiday.